Laboratoire de prévention et d’ergonomie 





University of Algiers 2                      Laboratory of prevention and ergonomics

 Ergonomics and its role in the prevention and the development in the developing countries

International conference

 [29-30 April 2012,  El-Aurassi Hotel,] Algiers



1. Introduction:

Ergonomics is considered to have first been founded in the industrial countries, where the industrialists specifically, and the producers generally take pride in the fact that their products are made according to ergonomic standards. The developed countries have taken many benefits, especially in prevention and development. Therefore, the question is how feasible it to apply the principles of ergonomics in developed countries in general, and Algeria in particular? And how to benefit from the experiences of both the developed and the developing countries? And what are the means that would enable Algeria’s and the Maghreb countries’ benefit in particular and the developing countries in general.

2. Conference objectives:

 This International conference aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Diagnosing the reality of ergonomics in developing countries and means of taking advantage of its applications in various fields.
  • Raising awareness of the importance of ergonomics among institutions, industrialists and social partners.
  • Researching solutions and finding techniques and methods of applying ergonomic principles in relation to various problems and concerns related to prevention in developing countries. 
  • Diagnosing challenges and obstacles that prevent the application of ergonomics.  
  • Motivating and simulating researchers, as well as the economic and social institutions towards benefiting from applying ergonomics in various fields especially the organizational aspects and field of agriculture and even the traditional industry.

3. Conference topics:

    • The importance of ergonomics and the need of applying it in deferent areas in the developing countries
    • Ergonomics application in the developed countries and their use in the  developing countries
    • Realities and constraints of applying ergonomics in the developing countries
    • Ergonomics application and prevention in developing countries.
    • The future of ergonomics in developing countries in various fields.

4. Participants:

  • Professors, researchers and students of universities, research centers and specialized institutes.
  • Doctors and health specialists
  • Design engineers, prevention engineers and industrial safety specialists.
  • Specialists in the management of human resources.
  • Managers and employees of deferent social and economic institutions 
  • Relevant organizations, businessmen and all those interested in ergonomics.

5. How to participate:

By submitting a paper or poster

6. Participating conditions:  

  • The Paper must be relevant to one of the conference’s topics in the conditions that the research hasn’t been previously published or submitted to another conference.
  • The Paper must meet the scientific research standards. 
  • Priority is given to applied researches.
  • The Paper should be submitted in Times New Roman font size 12. Single line 2cm margins. 
  • Tables and figures must be placed within the text 
  • The Paper should be free of spelling, grammar or language errors. 

7. Important dates:

  • Deadline for submission of abstract: January 22, 2012
  • Notification of acceptance: February  22, 2012
  • Deadline for submission of full paper: Merch 22, 2012

8. Participating costs:

  • No participating fees are required. 
  • During the conference, stay and food will be on the expense of the organizers. 
  • Airline Tickets are on the Participant’s expense.

9. Contact information:

All correspondences go to Chairman of the organizing Committee Professor

Professor Hamou Boudrifa

Head of the Laboratory of  Prevention and Ergonomics, University of Algiers2. Algiers.




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